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Try sailing -­‐ it’s NOT easy! -­‐ Bill Schanen, SAILING Magazine

 LANCASTER VA, Oct. 9 -­‐   Turkey Shoot Regatta 2012 is in the books.

William McClure sailed his San Juan Thistledowne to a berth at the Hospice Regattas National Championship at St Petersburg FL on April 13-­‐14, 2013.

Bill is one of 84 racers who had a bucket of fun racing for two days while supporting local hospices.

The Turkey Shoot, at award-­‐winning Yankee Point Marina, enjoyed a picture perfect day on Saturday. The racing on the Rappahannock River featured steady breezes in the low to mid-­‐teens.  Only at the end of the race that the building breezes was an indication of what was to come.

On Sunday rainy skies and dipping temperatures, but still great sailing wind, were the order of the day for the traditional staggered-­‐start pursuit race.  The hardy Turkey Shooters tore down the river toward the bridge and then up the river toward Urbanna, before heading back to the mouth of the Corrotoman and the finish line.

Both days, the tall ship Godspeed played among the fleet and sailed, yes, sailed, all day long with her “smaller friends.”  It was quite a demonstration of seamanship, a fitting Columbus Day tribute.

After the racing, music was played, food and drink partaken, and plenty of sea stories exchanged under the regatta tent.

William McClure (Troy VA)

C Fleet and Division: Peter Knight
(Lancaster VA) Salute.
D Fleet and Winner of the Wooden Boat competition: Ric and Sharon Bauer (Aylett VA) Desperado.
E Fleet: Joran Gendell (Williamsburg VA) Elixir.
F Fleet: Deidre McSweeney-­‐Tyson (Irvington VA) Curlew III.

G Fleet and Division: Frank Murphy (Norfolk VA) Last Boat III.
H Fleet: Mike Conroy (Weems VA) Cahoots.
I Fleet and winner of the Most Beautiful Boat Trophy: Mark Powell (Richmond VA) Lodestone
J Fleet: Tom Watkins (Irvington VA)

Event Chair Karen Knull; Principal Race Officer John McCarthy; Signal Boat Mike Thompson; Mark Boats Tommy Ash, Ed McChain and Jim Young;  Official Scorer Anna Mulvany.

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Southern Bay Racing News You Can Use #562, Turkey Shoot Hospice Regatta

PUT THIS GOBBLER IN THE BOOKS!The 2011 TURKEY SHOOT HOSPICE REGATTA wrapped up yesterday after two and one-half days of partying, live bluegrass music, racing, and general blow-out fun on the Myer Creek – Corrotoman – Rappahannock Rivers water axis. Saturday Mother Nature gave the racers a beautiful Fall day on the Rapp with bright sunshine and moderate breezes. Of the 84 entries (all classic designs at least 25 years old), 79 raced and all who started finished.

On Sunday, hopeful of a repeat of Saturday conditions, racers started the traditional pursuit race in light breezes that got them up the track, but then evaporated.  Twelve (12) of the hardiest finished the race in mere vapors and the turkeys were put to bed.  Kudos go to Ken and Karen Knull, owners of host Yankee Point Marina, for their extraordinary support of the Hospice effort on the Northern Neck.  Here are the  TURKEY SHOOT FLEET WINNERS:  Fleet C: Joe and Linda Waters, Birthday Party  (Joe and Linda earned the birth in the National Hospice Alliance Regatta in St Petersburg next spring).  Fleet D: David Williams, Poe Bird;  Fleet E: Dick Moylan, Windtimidation;  Fleet F: Frank Murphy, Last Boat III;  Fleet G: Mike Chesser, Scuba Kat;  Fleet H: Bob Adcock, Felicity;  Fleet I: Ned Crockett, Ladybug.   Event Chair: Karen Knull;  Principal Race Officer: John McCarthy;  Scoring: Anna Mulvany;  Signal Boat Captain: Mike Thompson (Contessa);  Mark Boats: Tom Ashe and Mosby West (Wild Fire); Jim Young and Gary Fricke (Dwindle Down); and Don Crabtree (Jammin’).

The Turkey Shoot Hospice Regatta is a special event to a lot of folks.  For some it’s their birthday weekend, for some it’s a return to a favorite place, and so on.  But, for Joe and Linda Waters of Columbia, South Carolina,  it’s super special.  Last year (2010) Joe and Linda were married at Turkey Shoot and this year, of course, they celebrated their first anniversary.   Now, that’s a way to keep track of your anniversary date!!

For additional information contact:  Lin McCarthy, (757) 850-4225
SBRNYCU is an independent weekly publication of southern Chesapeake Bay racing happenings. Founded in April, 2000.
Try sailing – it’s NOT easy! - Bill Schanen, SAILING Magazine

Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta – Oct. 7 & 8, 2011 Rappahannock River, VA

Gorgeous Fall day and really bright moon. Bet the Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta’s first day was great!

Friday, October 7 with racing on Saturday,October 8 and Sunday, October 9. Yankee Point Marina is the regatta host. Details regarding accommodations, registration, entry, etc. are available at Event Chairman: Karen Knull; Principal Race Officer: John McCarthy Turkey Shoot Regatta is an official HOSPICE REGATTA.

Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta – Oct. 10, 2010

The Hospice “Turkey Shoot” Regatta is more than just another sailboat race. It’s a series of events that brings sailors and non-sailors together to enjoy the beauty of sailboat races and support a good cause — Hospice!

The regatta is being sponsored by Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck, and Riverside Hospice Agencies, Inc. of Tappahannock and Walter Reed.

The regatta, an annual event on the Rappahannock River, began in 1989 as a project of Chuck Harney, a wooden and classic boat enthusiast, and John McConnico, then the owner of Yankee Point Marina. In 1996 the Turkey Shoot became a benefit event for Hospice Support Services of the Northern Neck and in 2003, the Riverside Hospice Agencies joined.

The Turkey Shoot Regatta has become a major attraction drawing over 100 vintage and classic boats of all designs, including the skipjack, once the workhorse of Chesapeake Bay watermen and now approaching extinction.

In 2008 the Turkey Shoot Regatta and the Maryland Governors Cup Race were voted Best of the Bay in the regatta category by Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

The regatta is open to fiberglass or wooden mono-hulls with designs that are at least twenty-five years old.

How can such a diverse collection of boats be arranged in classes for racing? Over the years regatta officials have evolved some very practical methods.

By using a combination of published PHRF ratings, design measurements, previous performance data and common sense, they handicap boats into reasonably equivalent groupings called fleets. Each boat flies a colored ribbon from its backstay indicating its fleet.

The fleets are grouped into two divisions—Lightning and Flying Cloud.  The former is for those skippers who want their weekend to include all out competition.  The latter is for those who desire “friendlier” competition.

On Saturday, the yachts will race around a traditional triangular course and on Sunday they compete in a pursuit race which takes handicaps into account up front, allowing the slowest boats to start first.

Trophies will be awarded to winners in each fleet. The two division winners will have their boat names inscribed on the Virginia-Spirit Trophy. In addition, the winner of the Lightning Division will be invited to compete in the annual National Hospice Regatta competition in 2009.

The Riverside Health System is sponsoring two trophies in the Sunday pursuit race. The Wobbly Compass Trophy will be awarded to the first wooden boat to cross finish line.  The Riverside Trophy will be awarded to the first boat to cross the finish line with one or more Riverside Health System staff members aboard.

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